Updates to the post “Why is the idea/hypothesis of gravitational waves (GW) in General Relativity so special?”

1. We just received a copy of the original Einstein’s paper [7] (A. Einstein and N. Rosen, Journal of Franklin Institute, 223 (1937) 43-54). The exact phrase (p. 48) is: “…provided the whole method of application of the approximation-equations is really justified”, which is not far from our translation from Russian given in the previous post: “if the whole method of approximate equations is justified”.

2. To the observation of Kennefick in his book “Traveling at the Speed of Thoughts” and discussion about possible place of publications for skeptics, we would like to add that we found two papers of Dr. Ning Li in Physical Review:

– Effects of a gravitomagnetic field on pure superconductors, N. Li and D.G Torr, Physical Review D, Vol. 43, No 2, p. 457-459, 15 January 1991;
– Gravitational effects on the magnetic attenuation of superconductors, Ning Li and D.G. Torr, Physical Review B, Vol. 46, No 9, p. 5489-5495, 1 September 1992.

It looks like the story about Dr. Ning Li is indeed real. Publications in the “world’s leading physics journal” (D. Kennefick “Traveling at the Speed of Thoughts”, p. 83) was, probably, helpful for Dr. Ning Li to secure the grant from the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command.

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