Einstein was right!

I think that the majority of authors of numerous articles about observation of gravitational waves (“Einstein Was Right!”) did not read Einstein’s 1916 paper or aware about his views on existence of gravitational waves in his General Theory of Relativity or read his scientific autobiographies written in the last years of his life to contemplate on important (in his opinion) scientific results. But they are definitely aware about his famous  “God does not play dice”, and with respect to this statement, after announcement of the GW discovery, we can unambiguously declare that Einstein Was Right! What a reasonable explanation can be given to such a coincidence that

Roughly 1.3 billion years ago, around the time multicellular life was starting to spread on Earth, a pair of black holes collided and released a torrent of gravitational energy into the cosmos Gravitational Waves Spotted…

and it arrives on September 14 of 2015 at 09:50:45 UTC, that provide sufficient time to analyse data and to prepare the PRL paper exactly to the anniversary of Einstein’s paper? Luckily a sufficient number of detectors (two out of four) were operational. These waves were sent roughly 1.3 billion years ago, long before Einstein’s paper was written, to arrive exactly to its centennial anniversary. By the way, this coincidence was predicted at least a few years ago by one of the authors of the PRL discovery paper PhysRevLett.116.061102 . In 2012, he wrote:

The first direct detection of gravitational waves will likely come no later than [yes, in advance of a few months: Einstein submitted his paper in June of 1916-S.K.] the centennial anniversary of Einstein’s 1916 paper on general relativity, or [very pessimistic- S.K.] at least by the anniversary of his 1918 paper on gravitational waves…Gravitational Wave Astronomy: Needle in a Haystack 


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  1. Now every magazine and news agency tells us, citing important scientists, that Einstein predicted GW in 1916. Even though the paper can be difficult for journalists, but surely not for GW scientists, what controversy can possibly remain after GW have been observed with astonishing precision following directly from GR equations?

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